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Linda Whiten
Executive Director
Scott Lane
Athletic Director

Office Staff

Tammy Roddy
IT Department

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IT support, Web Site, Technology Issues



Raychel Schmidt
Sports, Social Media
(210) 342-4674

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Sports, Social Media, Bartering, Patriot Pass, Facility Rental, Registration

Heidi Bush
Manna, Advertising

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Manna and advertising with FEAST

Jeanette Watje 
Community Outreach Coordinator/Field Trips

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Field Trips and Homeschool days

Store and Co-op Staff


Tammy Martinez

(210) 342-4674

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All FEAST, Co-op and homeschooling questions. 

Jeannette Seaman
Facility Manager
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All FEAST and homeschooling questions.  

Heather Neufeld

Curriculum Advisor
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Orientations, curriculum, organization, transcripts, dual enrollment