High School and Beyond Workshop Schedule

Parents and students are welcome to attend any of the sessions; some speakers have tailored their presentations to the audience listed.

All of the workshops will be recorded and available to purchase at the FEAST online store.

Time  Parents Parents & Students Students
10-10:45 Transcripts 101Jeanine Martin Getting “EXTRA” out of your ExtracurricularsMatt Miranda  Who Wants to Get Into College? Know What to Expect and Expect the UnexpectedTrudy Palmer 
11-11:45 ScholarshipsJeanine Martin 5 Mistakes Parents and Students Make Planning for CollegeWoody Robertson Essay Writing with Ease and Efficiency – Trudy Palmer
12-12:30 Q N A with Speakers
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1-1:45 NCAA and the Homeschool AthleteGinger Torvik Building Your Financial Future Starts NOW!Randy Norman TESTS: SAT, ACT, ASVAB, AP, CLEP, Stanford, PSAT/NMQST,TSIA & MoreBrian Warren
2-2:45 Dual Credit-Laura Flores, Dual Credit Director St. Philip’s College Answering the “What’s Next” Question with Confidence, Clarity and CreativityDewey Novotny For Such A Time As This-The Joy of an Engaged Citizen!Nathan Macias
3-3:45 Mapping Out the High School YearsBrian Warren Study Like a Genius: Unlocking Your BrainWoody Robertson Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About College & Trade SchoolsBen Hubert
4-5 Shopping    

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Speaker Bios and Workshop Descriptions

Laura Flores graduated with her Masters of Science in Psychology from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 2011.  She has been with the St. Philip’s College Dual Credit department since September 2009.  In September 2012 she became the Director of Student Support Services for the Dual Credit program at SPC.  She has worked with, and helped, home school families enter the dual credit program since she first started in the department. 
Laura will be discussing what the Dual Credit program is and the policies for admittance into the program.  She will also answer any questions in regards to Dual Credit. 

Benjamin T. Hubert left home at the age of 17 to enlist in the army infantry for just over 3 years active duty before starting his career in the automotive and diesel industry. He is now a 27 year old ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified L1 advanced level specialist and master automobile technician. With 12 certifications, 3 internships, and 2 associates’ degrees in the automotive and diesel industry, Ben has had a LOT of teachers and mentors over the years. After working/interning for around a year and a half for other shop owners, he officially launched his own small business as a mobile mechanic in mid 2014 and has been blessed to continue to steadily grow ever since.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About College & Trade Schools by Benjamin T. Hubert
Doing something you love to make a living is VERY important to me, and I believe it is extremely helpful in building a career. College and trade schools can be a wonderful thing for some people, but speaking from experience, they’re not for everyone, nor is it beneficial in many instances for a young man or woman to go to college or trade school at all. Come and hear my story and what I’ve learned from the time, energy, and money spent doing both 4 years of college and 3 different internships under many different master technicians.

Nathan Macias is a veteran homeschool father of three boys and four daughters, ages 15-29. Nathan and his bride of 33 years, Susan, have been home educating their children for 24 years. Nathan is a native of San Antonio, earned a BS in civil engineering from Texas A&M in 1982, and has three Master’s Degrees: MBA, MPA, and MEd. He is a retired Lt. Colonel, USAF, and commanded several units while on active duty, both overseas and state side. Nathan served as a Texas State Representative for Comal, Kendall, Bandera, and Gillespie counties from 2007 to 2009, where he was a member of the public education and transportation committees. He is currently executive director of The Torch of Freedom Foundation, offering the nation’s premier youth leadership training through Patriot Academy. He also serves on the TX Home School Coalition Advisory Board. The Macias family also includes, four children-in-law, and three beautiful granddaughters. Their children now serve in a variety of vocations, including a SA firefighter, political consultant, youth pastor, wedding photographer, and legislative staff member.

For Such A Time As This – The Joy of an Engaged Citizen! By Nathan Macias
Ahh, High School! What a joy, the transition from child to adult! What am I to do? Where do I fit in this social and political world? My young friend, our city, state and nation needs you for such a time as this. God has called us to active citizenship on this earth in order to protect the God given freedoms that we so enjoy! Come spend some time with Nathan, someone who is actually in the arena, and get a dose of reality, a little humor, and maybe even a life-calling…you will be encouraged!

Jeanine Martin, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, home schooled for 16 years in four states.  She is the Test Administrator for FEAST and the immediate past Advisor for the San Antonio Chapter of Eta Sigma Alpha Home School Honor Society.  Jeanine also tutors all grade levels of math, English, history, and SAT/ACT test prep. Her children currently attend Texas A&M at College Station and the University of Texas at Austin. 

Transcripts 101 by Jeanine Martin
Learn how to prepare a transcript that is acceptable for college admissions and academic summer programs.  Semester and cumulative GPA calculations will also be covered.

Scholarships by Jeanine Martin
It is possible for your teens to receive college scholarships.  Learn how home schooled youths can best present themselves in applications for academic, community service, and leadership scholarships.  The earlier a teen starts, the better.

Matt Miranda has been the 4-H agent for Guadalupe County Texas A&M Agrilife extension service since May 2011. I am currently finishing up my doctor of education in Ag education from Texas A&M and Texas Tech. I previously received a Bachelor’s degree in Ag journalism and masters in Ag education from Texas A&M. I was homeschooled from 1990 till graduation in 2005 and the first to graduate from HAVEN home educators. Starting in 2010, I have taught English Composition, APA Formatting and Technical Writing with Miranda Writing Workshops. I believe my purpose as an extension agent is to provide a quality learning program to the youth of my county to ensure they have the best possible chance to succeed at life.

Getting “EXTRA” out of your Extracurriculars – by Matt Miranda
There are many avenues for extracurricular activities these days, many more than in the past. As college entrance gets more competitive, these activities can be what sets you apart from other applicants…but which ones are the best? This presentation will cover several organizations and activities that will not only give you solid credentials for your application, but help you in life as well.

Randy Norman has been a financial broker for 37 years and has been helping families create a lasting financial legacy ever since. Originally, Randy was a carpenter by trade but he was searching for a chance to improve his family’s quality of life, so he joined Primerica in 1980. Randy worked through the process of becoming state and federally licensed in the financial industry, and then began to build his financial brokerage firm. Throughout his career, Randy has built his firm around doing what’s right for the client “100% of the time” and has helped hundreds of families become debt free, financially independent, and achieve their dreams. Randy has been married to his lovely wife Jan for over 35 years and they have three adult children. They both continue to be deeply involved in their children’s lives and are amazing grandparents to their two granddaughters.

Building Your Financial Future starts NOW! by Randy Norman
Wondering how to plan for that new car, save for a house, go on that dream vacation, work towards financial independence, or build wealth for the future? With sixty-two percent of Americans losing sleep due to financial concerns, such as funding retirement, education expenses or medical bills, you are not alone. (Time.com, June 25, 2015) Come learn from Vice President Randy Norman and his team as they share financial concepts and specific steps that are important to implement early in life so you can fulfill your dreams! Randy will show you how to start now to prepare for your future and get a game plan in place to reach your goals!

Dewey Novotny is a home schooling father of seven with an intense desire to launch young visionaries into life…equipped to lead with purpose and change their world. His involvement in youth leadership development spans three decades and varies from pioneering the Arizona Youth Leadership Seminars with the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation, launching grassroots ministry for College and Career, and inspiring young Air Force officers in flight training and fighter operations. He founded Life Purpose Planning with his daughters and currently lives in San Antonio.  Whether flying “aluminum tubes” world-wide as a commercial airline pilot, fly-fishing in Alaska, or inspiring young people to seek their best, Dewey spreads contagious enthusiasm across the country. He is confident that today’s youth are America’s greatest natural resource and offers this encouragement to them: “Where you are right now is a great place to start…but it’s a poor place to stop. Discover your life purpose, define your pursuit, and develop a plan of action!”

Answering the “What’s Next” Question with Confidence, Clarity and Creativity by Dewey Novotny
The parent/child dynamic is one of the most powerful forces behind launching young people into their God-given purpose. From day one, parents observe their little world-changer in action and serve as confirming witnesses to the raw and undiscovered talents of their child. Yet, so many parents secretly fear that they don’t have what it takes to help their student successfully launch into adulthood. Meanwhile, today’s students find themselves overwhelmed trying to navigate their options and are buried under opinions of every sort. This session is about teaming up to answer three essential life questions that can serve as a personalized “purpose filter” for your “what’s next” decisions. From here, it’s pretty much “Watch out, world!”

Trudy Palmer has a love for her students and believes that anyone can be given the gift of reading and a love for learning. She is the founder and director of AACE, Inc., “Friday School,” which originally began in her home over 22 years ago. She is the author of the Gift of Reading program, an intensive phonics program, which has been translated into Korean and is used to teach English as-a-Second-Language in numerous foreign countries and used in Chuck Colson’s prison ministry. She has 30+ years experience working with the language and learning disabled as she has worked with students labeled autistic, Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, hyperactive, language disabled, those with language/auditory/visual processing differences, hearing and speech impaired, and handicapped. Trudy homeschooled her four children and holds a BS degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish and certifications in Bilingual Ed and ESL. Her phonics program is currently used by many home schoolers throughout this nation and Canada and was reviewed by Mary Pride and Cathy Duffy. In addition, numerous private and public educators, speech therapists, and special education teachers have chosen to use her program. She was a public school educator and co-authored a writing curriculum for Northside Independent School District. She currently has a private tutoring business in San Antonio and teaches at Friday School. For 15 years, Trudy traveled and spoke at educational conferences around the country. Teaching Home Magazine named her one of the “Top 100 Speakers in America.” In 2007, she was honored to be nominated to receive The Distinguished Alumna Award from Southwest Texas State University, her alma mater.

Who Wants to Get Into College? Know what to expect and expect the unexpected. by Trudy Palmer
Both parents and students need to understand how to navigate the “maze” that is set before every potential college student. Planning should begin as soon as a student enters high school. I will provide a year-by-year breakdown throughout the high school years covering: classes required, tests to be taken, information to be recorded, dual credit/early admission course opportunities, college searches and visits, scholarship options, extracurricular activities, and transcript development.

Essay-Writing with ease and Efficiency by Trudy Palmer
For over twenty years, Trudy Palmer has taught various writing courses to prepare students for high school and college writing success. She equips students with learning strategies for writing winning SAT/ACT essays as well as dynamic college admission and scholarship essays. Understanding prewriting techniques, the various types of sentences and sentence openers, “the shapes” of paragraphs, and the structure of the essay itself all form a strong foundation for success in writing. Come and find out how chocolate and hamburgers fit in with writing essays!

Woody Robertson’s personal mission is to live “a real life with a real relationship with a real God.” A first generation home school graduate, Woody is passionate about reaching the next generation of culture shapers. If you hang around Woody, you’re sure to hear words like, “live life to the fullest,” “purposeful living,” or “world-changer” and he’s helped young adults successfully navigate life-decisions for years. An entrepreneur and visionary, Woody has been a principle player in several start-up companies. In 2004, he co-founded CollegePlus (now Lumerit Unbound) and earned his accredited BSBA in General Management in 18 months for under $10k! A frequent motivational speaker at conferences nationwide, Woody’s information-packed sessions are innovative and inspiring. Characterized by a high level of energy and enthusiasm, Woody blends each session with motivating and practical information which attendees can put immediately into practice.

Five Mistakes Parents and Students Make Planning for College by Woody Robertson
The words affordable, efficient, or effective are not typically associated with college. In this session, we lay out five proven strategies to help you navigate the college process like a professional avoiding the traps to which students often fall prey. These strategies will save you 30-50% on your college costs, up to two years of time, but most importantly will give your student a huge head-start on the competition. Is it possible to get a college degree without debt? We’ll show you how by revealing the secrets colleges don’t tell.

Study Like a Genius: Unlocking Your Brain by Woody Robertson
All learning is founded on one key—the ability to take in information and then remember it. Most people are never taught how to effectively learn. Each school year, students spend countless hours studying, only to have the information seemingly disappear when they need it most. Whether a parent or student, in this interactive and practical session, you will learn how to use study tools such as speed reading and memory techniques which will radically change the way you learn.

Ginger Torvik began home schooling in 1988, and graduated her youngest of seven children this summer. In June, she and her husband celebrated 35 years of marriage and are expecting their 11th grandchild in November. She is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and teaches it at the FEAST co-op. Her children have competed in FEAST sports since 2004, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross country, and track. Being involved in sports has been a vital part of her family’s home school experience. Two of her sons are now running cross country and track at Dallas Baptist University.

NCAA and the Home School Athlete by Ginger Torvik
Navigating through the college experience can be overwhelming and challenging. Adding sports to the mix is even more challenging as you have to jump through the hoops required by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). This workshop will help and encourage you through what can seem to be a daunting task of endless paperwork.

Brian Warren felt GOD calling him to be a home school Dad 5 years ago after having taught Mathematics, German, Art History, and Academic Decathlon for 29 years in the public school system at Burbank HS. He helped many students through their four years with him to prepare for and clear the hurdles of college. He felt that he had poured so much into helping other parents’ children to achieve that it was now time to try and pour into his own children as well. It has been a worthwhile journey with blessings, trials and opportunities. Brian was honored with the HEB Excellence in Education Lifetime Achievement award for the state of Texas in 2006 and the Academic Decathlon coach of the year for the state of Texas in 2011. He has been blessed to be married to his wonderful wife Gina for 23 years and has 2 children finishing the high school years.

Mapping out the High School Years by Brian Warren
What classes are necessary and when should my child take them? What do they need to get into college? What tests do they have to take (more details on this in the TESTS workshop)? What personal changes can I expect in the high school years? I have been teaching and helping kids navigate these questions for more than 3 decades. Come listen to things I’ve gotten right, things I’ve gotten wrong, personal lessons from the trenches and things that have turned out to be important that I didn’t fully understand at the time.

TESTS, TESTS and more TESTS by Brian Warren
SAT, ACT, ASVAB, CLEP, AP, Stanford, PSAT/NMQST, TSIA What do all these tests mean, when should my child take them, how can I prepare for them, how do I read my score and more. I will attempt to break down which test your child needs for each goal and what you can do to plan ahead. I will also give you some decisions you have to make along the way and some of the possible consequences (good and bad) for each decision. Come ask questions. I strongly suggest that you take some notes to bring home for future reference.