Terms and Conditions

Liability Release and Waiver

We acknowledge that the FEAST Board of Directors reserves the right to make final decisions regarding all aspects of all FEAST programs. We have read, understand and accept the Medical Authorization and Release Waiver below. We understand that FEAST is a non-profit organization and that FEAST cannot assume responsibility for losses, damages or injuries which may occur as a result of participation in this program or event. We understand that the participant is responsible for damage done to any FEAST property and the cost of repair and/or replacement of that property. In addition to the terms laid out above, I also accept the responsibility of insuring that my children understand and accept these policies and objectives.

Media Release Waiver

We often solicit media coverage to publicize successful programs and special events concerning students, families and staff. You and/or your child may, on occasion, be photographed and identified for positive sports, co-op, or event coverage. By registering you agree to be included in the media coverage.

Medical Authorization and Release Waiver

We, the participants, do hereby release and hold harmless the directors, staff, teachers, volunteers, coaches, medical attendants, and leaders of FEAST from any and all liability for all losses, damages or injuries occurring as a result of our participation in FEAST events or programs. We further agree to make or cause to be made, by assignment of third party benefits or otherwise, full and complete payment for examination, treatment or hospital care required in the case of medical emergency. We understand that reasonable precautions will be taken to make FEAST events and programs safe and beneficial for all adults and children, but that risk of injury cannot be eliminated entirely, and that this release is necessary for participation in FEAST events.

Furthermore, in the event ourselves or our children suffers injury, any director, coach, staff member, teacher, medical attendant, volunteer, or adult leader of FEAST give consent to emergency medical treatment for ourselves or our children when we cannot be contacted to give consent. Such medical treatment may include, without limitation, x-ray examination, anesthetic, medical diagnosis, treatment, or general hospital care being required. No prior determination of life-threatening emergency or danger of serious or permanent injury resulting from delay of treatment need be made under this authorization. This authorization is given in advance of any specific hospital care.

Refund Policy

Any registration canceled prior to that event’s registration deadline will be refunded in full.  Any cancellation after close of the event’s deadline will not be refunded, as FEAST has fixed costs that are calculated at close of each event’s registration.