Patriot Pass

What is the Patriot Pass?

It is an annual family pass that costs $125 (only one pass required per family, per year) which includes many benefits. It enables FEAST families to register for any of the programs offered such as Co-op, Sports, Workshops, Special Events, etc. By supporting the general expenses of FEAST we can maintain our facilities and improve services for current home school families and those in the future.

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  • Patriot Pass – passing 10% back to you in the FEAST Bookstore (for the 2017/2018 year). Shop onsite or online
  • Free photo ID cards for teachers and students: provided to each member of the family. (Normally $12 each) Photo ID cards are great for teacher and student discounts all over town! Click here for a list of participating retailers.
  • Free family pass for general admission to the Annual FEAST Home School Convention. (valued at $65 and up)
  • Free admission for 4 to a FEAST home sports event. (valued at $12-$20) Come on out to support the team and meet new friends!
  • Free access to the FEAST Wi-Fi (passwords will be provided in the bookstore).
  • Free workshops on curriculum, teaching, organization, encouragement, family, etc. (valued at $10 each)
  • “Free-Bees”- Free registration for FEAST Geography Bee and Spelling Bee, for all children in the family. (valued at $10 per child, per event)
  • Free emails featuring home school activities and opportunities in San Antonio, South Texas and around the State.
  • Free monthly civics class with a complimentary lunch for the family. There will be nine classes for this school year, don’t miss them! (Valued at $135).
  • Free monthly science seminar with an optional hands-on companion class for the little ones. There will be six seminars in the series.(valued at $60)
  • Registration access to FEAST Co-op and Sports**
  • Space or admission to the FEAST annual bookswap. Normally $5/$2 respectively. Plan now to sell your old school materials and find some great bargains for next year!
  • Free transcript notarization at FEAST by appointment. (valued at $10)
  • Free printing of diploma when purchased in the FEAST bookstore. Allow two days for processing. (valued at $10)

Get over $400 in benefits and discounts……. $125

Doing your part for a better FEAST………………………PRICELESS!

*Discount may not be used in combination with any other offer or for publishers that exclude discounts.

**Each family desiring to participate in any FEAST Co-op Class or Sports MUST purchase one Patriot Pass per year, which includes all of the above items at no additional cost, before they may register for any activities

Click here to become a Patriot Pass Holder!

More information

FEAST has been helping home school families for almost 30 years by teaching them: how to get started; how to get around the road blocks; where to find what they need; and how to stay in the battle to the end. These things are accomplished through orientations, counseling, workshops, special events, and customer service. Our co-op teaching program began 17 years ago and has served hundreds of families each school year. In addition, we offer competitive sports programs for baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, tennis, track & field, and volleyball.

The orchestration of these offerings is no small undertaking. From planning to scheduling to posting on the website and setting up online registrations, our staff works diligently to provide resources for the home schooling community.  It is not enough to offer these services now and/or until our children graduate, but for generations to come. When our home schooled children grow up and want to home school their children, we pray that FEAST will still be here, standing strong.


What is a Patriot Pass? Why is it required?
It is an annual family pass that cost $125 (only one pass required per family, per year) which includes many benefits. It enables FEAST families to register for any of the programs offered such as Co-op, Sports, Workshops, Special Events, etc. It is necessary to help fund and support the general expenses of FEAST so FEAST can maintain and improve services and facilities for current home school families and those in the future.

If my family pays for a Patriot Pass then later decides not to participate in FEAST activities, may I get a refund?
Due to the nature of how Patriot Pass funds are dispersed, no refunds are available.

What about people that live far away that will not be doing anything with FEAST but just want the newsletter. Can they subscribe? Will it still cost $20? 
Yes, they can subscribe, no fees are required to receive the MANNA. The MANNA is a service FEAST provides to all home schooling families in South Texas and beyond this area as we seek to be a clearing house of information for the home school community, which is the primary purpose for FEAST.

I am a Co-op teacher, coach or employee at FEAST, but I do not have children who will be participating in any activities. Do I need to purchase the Patriot Pass?
No, your participation at FEAST in this role does not require a Patriot Pass.  You may still purchase a Patriot Pass in order to receive all the benefits that the Patriot Pass provides.

I am a Co-op teacher, coach or employee at FEAST with children who will participate in FEAST activities. Do I need to purchase the Patriot Pass?
Yes, all families who have children participating in FEAST activities will need to purchase a Patriot Pass.

Do I need to have a Patriot Pass to attend the annual convention?
No, FEAST’s convention is open to anyone who wants to attend. Tickets may be purchased online or at the door. Patriot Pass holders attend the convention free of charge.

What if my family cannot pay the $125 fee?
The FEAST Board of Directors is committed to working with all families for which the Patriot Pass is a financial hardship. We have several projects throughout the campus that can be completed to barter for the cost of the pass. Please contact Linda Whiten at if you would like to participate in this program.

How do I register for a Patriot Pass?
Click the tab “New Membership” under the “Patriot Pass” tab and fill out the form. You should get an automated email with your username and password that you created. You will get another email when your payment or barter arrangement has been verified, and you will then be able to log in.

If I had a Patriot Pass last year, do I need to register again or can I just renew?
Due to a system update to add functionality for Co-op Registration, you will have to register again. Registration only takes a few minutes, and if you filled out the Family Profile Form last year, you do not need to do so again unless your information has changed.

It’s not July yet, but my account is locked! Why?
All Patriot Pass accounts are locked in April to allow us to update our systems. Your discounts are still valid, and you should receive an email that has all the discount codes you will need before the end of June. It is not necessary to log in to receive your discounts, including your free Convention admission.