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Season: January – April
High School and Middle School Boys

Season: October-March 
Skill Building Camp: Aug- Sept. 
High School and Middle School – Boys and Girls

Cross Country
Season: August-November
High School and Middle School – Boys and Girls             

Season: August-November
High School and Middle School Boys
Spring Training: May

Season: Year round
High School and Middle School

High School Season: October-February – Boys only
Middle School (grades 5-8) Season: July–Aug – Coed         

Season: January – April
High School – Girls

Season: August – May
High School and Middle School – Boys and Girls

Track & Field
Season: January-May
High School and Middle School – Boys and Girls

Season: August-November

High School and Middle School Girls
Skill Building Camp: One day a week Jan-May
Summer camp: End of May


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“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Psalm 133:1


– From The Bench – 

At Wal-Marts, Targets, JC Penneys, and just about every other department store out there, the signs are plastered all over the place – BACK TO SCHOOL! While those three words conjure up all kinds of feelings for just about everybody who reads them, one thing they always indicate is that summer is coming to an end.  The hope and promise of summer that we all had as Memorial Day hit (which seems like about three weeks ago!) faded quickly, as within no time we were watching the parades and fireworks on the 4th of July. And now the “Back to School” signs are telling us that it’s over. The never-ending sunshine, warm days, barbecuing, sleeping in (for students and many of you), the feeling that nothing is as urgent as it is during the school year, and overall feeling of freedom and laziness are about to be gone for another 9 months. Don’t Wait For the Future – Create It!

   And yet, along with those signs are some other signs – signs of anxiousness, excitement, possibility, and hope. While the end of summer is just that – an end – it is also a beginning, the start of something new. Many people wonder, “What will this school year bring?” Well, here’s a thought for you – don’t focus on what the year might bring to you. Go get whatever you want from the school year. 

   The concept that something or someone is going to bring you something is very passive. It means that you are waiting for whatever is going to happen. While there is nothing wrong with hoping for certain things to come our way, it is much better to go after the things that we seek in life. This is an active mentality, a mentality that says, “I am going to create my future, not wait for my future to come to me.” Of course, seeking God’s plan should always come first!

   Before you know it, we will be in full swing with our fall sports and activities, practices and competitions, and school will be back in session. Enjoy the last bit of summer that you have left, but make sure that while you are doing that, you are also preparing yourself by taking care of last-minute duties and responsibilities. That way, when it all starts up, you will be ready to go full-speed ahead. Have a great end of your summer and a fantastic start to your
new school year!


Just a reminder –  to participate in any FEAST Athletics; you will need a Patriot Pass, which allows your entire family access to all FEAST activities for a full year. We never wish the Patriot Pass to become an economic burden to anyone, so if it is for your family, contact us so that we can work out an arrangement.



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*NOTE: You must be a Patriot Pass holder in order to participate in any FEAST sport. The Patriot Pass is $75 per family per year. Click here to read more about the Patriot Pass.